Officers and Staff

Board of Governors

Commodore Greg Wilkinson
Vice-Commodore Stan Patey
Past Commodore Earl Meredith
SBYC Treasurer Frank Hassler
Sailing Program Treasurer Betsy Levick
Secretary Ellen Lidington
Board Members Jessica Lanier
Alex Levin
Josh Phypers
Michael Trotsky
Shelley Vassallo
Bob Visnick
Kirk Williamson

Other Key Personnel

Club Manager Ron Petoff
House Committee Chair Stan Patey
House Committee Ralph Block
Nick Kent
Greg Morell
Tim Parker
Jean Patey
Finance Committee Bob Visnick & Margot Hintlian
Development Committee Shelley Vassallo
Long Range Planning Margot Hintlian, Greg Wilkinson, Earl Meredith, Ron Petoff
Membership Committee Chair Jessica Lanier
Membership Committee Rich Calnan
Sherri Casey
Debbie Hale
Ellen Lidington
Brian Rano
Holly Yasaitis
Race Committee Ed Salas
Sailing Program Committee Mike Trotsky
Sailing Program Staff Tyler Colvin
Social Committee Alex Levin
Youth Activities Wanda Visnick
SBYC Fleet Captain Kirk Williamson
Bullseyes Fleet Captain Bob & Pam Prichard
Cruising Class Fleet Captain Bill Lee
Flying Scots Fleet Captain Skip Montello & Scott Folger
Rhodes 19s Fleet Captains Rob Paterson
Stars Fleet Captain Ken Woods
Giftshop Stan & Jean Patey
Junior Yacht Club Commodores Clare Coyne & Nina McCloy
Launch Operators William Gleckner
Reid Levick
James Vassallo

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